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This page has become an outdated trip down nostalgia lane, since most clips are nearly 10 years old,
with musicians who I rarely, if ever, have the opportunity to play with anymore.

click on underlined songtitles to download and listen
(most samples are only segments of the songs listed)

Solo Tango: Soledad (1934) Carlos Gardel, Alfredo Le Pera.

Solo Classical Guitar: Natalia Antonio Lauro, from Venezuela

the Robert Everest World Quartet:

Guajira - by Carlos Santana (solos) (3:38) July, 2004.
Robert (on Cuban tres), Marco Sambrotta (piano), Jocko MacNelly (bass), Michael Bissonette (drums).

at Nochee - August '04 Robert (guitar, vocals), Marco (piano), Jocko (bass), Andrew Turpening (drums):

Solamente una Vez (Mexican Bolero) (3:49)

Chove Chuva (Brazilian Reggae) (2:36)

Niente da Capire (Italian Pop) (1:32)

Window in Your Wall (R. Everest original) (1:47)

Samba de Orfeu (Brazilian Samba) (0:37)

El Cuarto de Tula (Cuban Salsa) (1:50)

Change of Soul (R. Everest original) (1:09)

Caballo Viejo (Venezuelan Salsa) (1:04)

Corcovado (Brazilian Funk) (1:27)

Cuerda y Madera Quartet (Live at Judson Street Fest -May, 2004):
Robert (guitar, vocals), James Allen (guitar), César Chávez (Cajón, Bongó), Andrew Turpening (drums)

Fina Estampa (Peruvian Waltz) (1:40)

Alibi (Brazilian Ballad) (0:45)

Nature Boy (Jazz / Samba) (2:44)

Stella by Starlight (Jazz / Bolero) (0:52)

Robert on Guitar with Flautist Kristin Irving:

Brazilian Choro (0:48)


More tracks from CDs can be heard on my Soundcloud page