Cuerda y Madera is a trio or quartet featuring a wide variety of Latin American, North American, and Mediterranean music. Some examples are Spanish Flamenco, Peruvian waltz, Cuban Son, Italian ballad, U. S. jazz, Mexican Bolero, and Argentine Trova (with an Aussie tune thrown in occasionally to keep James happy!).

James Allen, originally from Tazmania, Australia, is a remarkably versatile and talented guitarist who has performed with some of the best musicians and singers in the business, such as bassist Anthony Cox, guitarist Glen Helgeson (Axis Mundi), world percussionist Michael Bissonette (who makes Cuerda y Madera a quartet when he's not busy in the recording studio or on tour), and saxophonist/bandleader Pete Whitman.

César Chávez is originally from Perú, South America, where he played hand percussion and drums in a variety of musical styles including Salsa, Marinera, Toromata, and other Afro-Latino rythms. César is a very well rounded percussionist with a great feel for almost any musical style. He moved to Minnesota at the end of 2003 and was glad to survive his first Minnesota winter, which he partially attributes to being able to play great music again after meeting Robert and James at the beginning of 2004!

For Robert's bio please click here: Robert Everest - Solo Performance

Cuerda y Madera is ideal for festivals, wedding receptions, and a variety of Latin American events, as well as house parties and smaller, more intimate venues. For booking please click here to go to the "Contact" page.