Please feel free to sign my guestbook. Thank you for your comments/compliments!!!

Hi Robert,

Recently some friends of mine, who have also seen you at The Dakota, were sitting in a hotel lobby in Lisbon, Portugal and heard one of your songs playing overhead!! She knew it from your first album, because she heard your disc in my car so many times. So how's that for amazing?! I asked her if it was in Portuguese, but she said Spanish.

How's that for a small world, or did you know of this happening?

Peg Crider


Dear Robert,

May I extend my gratitude and admiration for your musical performance at my daughter Cristine Trooien’s wedding this last weekend at the garden ceremony and cocktail hour at the Lafayette Club.

As a parent of the Bride, of course I had to circulate and greet guests. But, if I could have gotten away with it, I’d have placed a chair near your position and simply listened to all of what you offered.

I know you caught me a few times getting excited about your Italian folk song offerings. I heard your YouTube of “Via Con Me” and told Cristine that we “HAD” to have that song at the wedding! I am a descendent of Neapolitan grandparents. At an early age of about 11-12, I was enthralled and collected the vinyl albums of the great Giuseppe Di Stefano. I love the ‘anima e core’ passion of the ‘Canzone Napulitane’. I am not educated in music, but I know what I like. I love the guitar, and your entire repertoire across various languages is rich and moving in voice quality, and guitar mastery. I speak and have studied Italian and to a lesser extent Spanish, and think your language skills in both are at master level as it also sounds to be mastery of Portuguese. Adding to your artistry your love and passion for painting, you are quite the Renaissance sort of gentleman.

To my great joy, the newlyweds obtained and had you sign six CDs for me and I played them all on the way home to Green Bay, after the wedding weekend. It was the most pleasant ride I have driven. I also particularly loved your Malaguena Salerosa and Cielito Lindo.

I will look at your website, and when next visiting the Twin Cities will see if I can catch any of your performances.

Best Wishes,
Richard Daley


Hi Robert,

I am still hearing appreciation for your music this last Sunday. Thank you SO MUCH for your generosity and fantastic and perfect choices of music!! What fun and received with such delight. I hope that you had a good showing on CD purchases! I was truly cheated by having to miss the third service. I look forward to seeing and hearing you again and send best wishes as this season continues along!

Thank you so much, my friend and greatly respected musical colleague!


Ruth Palmer, Director of Music Ministries
Unity Church-Unitarian
732 Holly AvenueSt. Paul, MN


Dear Robert,

Thank you so much for the generous contribution of your time and talent! We appreciate the kindness and generosity that you've offered to the Italian Cultural Center on more than one occasion! You are a great musician and the Italian Cultural Center is lucky to have you among its friends!

Grazie mille,

Hi Robert,

Thank you for another phenomenal performance and for joining me at the EP Chamber Business Women’s Event. The turnout was fantastic. Everyone loved the music. I will make sure and watch you on KARE 11 on Jan 20 morn.

Stay in touch,

Amalia Damgaard

Hi Robert,

I just wanted to thank you again for coming yesterday. Your music is outstanding and really set the tone for our luncheon.

I'll look for you on Kare11.

Barbara Fasching
Senior Manager
Outlet Operations
6740 Shady Oak Road
Eden Prairie, MN 55344

Hola Roberto!

Muchas gracias por todo lo que hiciste en la recepcion de la boda! A toda la gente le gustó la musica que tocaron ustedes!!! Muchas gracias tambien por enseñarles a los invitados a bailar samba! Para nosotros fue una noche inolvidable!!! La mamá de Cristina estaba muy emocionada de conocerte! Eres famoso en su restaurante en Villahermosa!

Espero poder verte otra vez en una de tus presentaciones musicales! Que estés muy bien!!!

Hablamos pronto!

Joshua Miguel

Hi Robert,

My wife and I really enjoyed your music Sunday at the Terrace Mill! Your originals, like all your music selection, were superb, as were your musicians. I'm a bass player, so I especially loved the solos on fretless bass. Keep up the good work! We hope to see you again.

Mike and Ruth McDonell
Spicer, MN

Hi Robert,

Wanted to tell you my Cubano husband and I love your CD. If you are ever in NYC/NJ for a tour let me know! Thanks.

Maria Triantafillou
Eastern Sales Director
Utne Magazine

Hi Robert-

You have a nice web page. Fanny and I are enjoying both of your CDs.
We look forward to seeing you perform again soon!


Michael B. Miller, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Division of Epidemiology
and Institute of Human Genetics
University of Minnesota


Fantastic stuff Wednesday!!! I'm hearing such great things here about the fact that we had music . . . maybe for our Cinco de Mayo celebration we can hook up again? Let's see what happens!

Really — lots of good comments about your playing. I think people were surprised because 'this is a hospital', and they thought we'd have some hack come in from the skyway or something!!! They loved you!!!

Thanks again -Jeff

Jeff Costa Bravo
Operations Manager for Nutrition Services
Fairview Southdale Hospital


We just wanted to let you know that you are so talented and wonderful
and a true inspiration to a couple of aspiring musicians! We have seen
you only a few times, but are amazed!

Jenni Schwartz & August Pankonien



This is a beautiful CD!!!!!

Great to meet you at my party on Sunday and I surely look forward to coming to the release at Acadia!

I didn't know you played with these other friends of mine too... what a treat to have met you!

Anyway, I love what you are doing.... very cool.

Talk soon,
Tone (Flaco)

P.S. Great job on the recording too!

Axtell Production
Minneapolis, Minnesota
612-333-2484 - Studio
612-384-3690 - Mobile


I work at HCMC and bought your brazilian cd at our medicine clinic Christmas party. It is WONDERFUL and I want to get another one for a friend. I am so sorry that I missed your cd release party, but I had family obligations. I think the caliber of your music is exceptional and your voice flawless.

Cathy Rose

I'm coming on the 24th and I'm good for a couple of CD's! Love getting the email. I'm so eager to hear you in a better setting than Maria's (though I love that, too - num. num). I'm a fan!

Thanks, Robert.

Susan Lane

Gostaria de agradece-lo pela enorme simpatia e carinho ao cantar
parabens para minha esposa. Foi muito especial para ela.
Tambem gostaria de parabeniza-lo pelo novo trabalho. Esta otimo e voce tem muito carisma e presenca em palco. Vamos nos encontrar certamente em breve em uma nova apresentacao.

Alexandre Pieroni
Corporate Financial Reporting
. 952-7422538 rnet:855 x:22538
+ ___________________________________________________________________________________________


Thanks for the email. It was wonderful meeting you at Maria's restaurant on Saturday, May 3rd. Thanks for letting my daughter, Dana, sing with you. That was very gracious. I am back in South Carolina now but thanks for the wonderful experience.

I love your music!!!!!!!

Sandra Simmons

Ciao Roberto,

...Sto ascoltando molto i tuoi cd, sono bellissimi, davvero… non mi stanco mai di ascoltarli, mi aiutano tantissimo anche quando sono con l' auto in mezzo al traffico, chiudo i finestrini alzo il volume e cancello tutti i brutti rumori, sento solo la tua musica e la tua voce! Sei contento che ti porto in giro per Firenze? Comunque… una delle mie preferite è 'Oceano' e un' altra è 'Eu te devoro' o 'No soy de aquì..'… e tante altre… ce n' è (ne è!… non so bene cosa voglia dire questo 'ne' ma è proprio importante! se lo scopri dimmelo, mi raccomando) una, mi sembra la n°7 di Gracias a la vida (e non solo quella) che mi ricorda tantissimo un cantante italiano che amo: De Andrè, hai mai ascoltato qualche sua canzone? Ti piacerebbe, è un poeta...

Un abbraccio,
Marialaura Giorgi, Firenze, Italia

It was so great to have you play--you did such a nice job. You really made our reception special.
Love and Blessings--Thank you so much--
Nancy and Dennis Brown


Parabens pelo show no Carnaval, a brasileirada se sentiu em casa.

Um abraco,
Ricardo Medeiros

A festa estava demais, Robertinho! Muito obrigada por todo o trabalho
seu e de sua equipe. Eu sei que não é fácil organizar um evento como
este. Foi um carnaval muito gostoso em um lugar super legal. What a
great space for a party like this. Que pena a festa ter que terminar
mais cedo. Eu adorei a Marchinha Medley. These are the songs I
remember dancing to in my carnaval days in Brazil 18 yrs ago. So much
fun! I hope it was worth it for you. Um grande abraço. --Alessandra ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Oi Roberto,

Tudo bem? I’ve been meaning to write to let you know that I really enjoyed your performance at the Acadia. We’ve never met, but I was part of the “Sonho Meu” quartet that joined in (I love that song). I think you met my friends Verónica (from Argentina) and Kelly (from Brazil) at your party following the performance. I had to go to a bachlorette party (ugh) after so I didn’t make it to your party. Anyway, I look forward to the concert on the 21st. I spent year of 2000 in Brazil teaching English, and I’ve been feeling suadades ever since! I’ve been lucky enough to have visited a few times since then, but it’s never enough, so it’s nice to see your group playing the Brazilian songs that I know and love, so I can remember a bit of Brazil. Look forward to meeting you,

Betsy Hedstrom



Thanks for making my 50th a very special night

Mark Charlton


Hi Robert,

Thanks again for your awesome music last night. All of you!
We really enjoyed it. I haven't heard a George Benson
piece in a long time... I am a great fan.

Loved the Jimmy Hendricks, and the Thrill is gone, Santana,
and all your originals... The whole selection of tunes was