Photo: Thomas Arthuzzi

"It is very rare to find such a beautiful and intimate dialogue between an artist and his instrument. We are proud to have Robert as an ambassador of our music to the rest of the world - he is a true Bossanovista."

-A Toca do Vinicius, Rio De Janeiro

"Everest has one of those delicately soothing voices, like Michael Franks or Paul Simon. And his gentle Latin American folk-pop tunes are imbued with a subtle complexity reminiscent of Gilberto Gil or Milton Nascimento."

- City Pages, Minneapolis

"Locally acclaimed, globally appreciated guitarist/singer/songwriter Robert Everest knows no boundaries when it comes to music, which is readily reflected on his aptly titled new release, the Robert Everest Expedition. With tracks that span ten years of composition and three continents of exploration, the CD features Everest on guitar and lead vocals, Marco Sambrotta (piano and vocals), Tony Axtell and Jocko MacNelly (bass), Michael Bissonnette and Chico Chávez (percussion), Andy Artz (drums), and Gary Schulte (violin). Everest has compiled the diversity of American culture as surely as he has integrated the traditions of Latin America and southern Europe."

- Jazz Police

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